Campaigners demand Nestlé ‘cut methane’ and ‘come clean now’

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The organisation Changing Markets Foundation has projected the slogans “Cut Methane” and “Come Clean Now” on to Nestlé’s headquarters in Switzerland, as the multinational food giant holds its AGM.

In their report ‘Net-Zero Integrity: Nestlé’s Methane Blind Spot’, which the foundation launched in collaboration with campaigners Mighty Earth, the group argue that Nestlé is failing to meet UN recommendations.

The IPCC have highlighted that reducing methane could be crucial in keeping the earth’s temperature below 1.5 degrees centigrade.

However, Mighty Earth and Changing Markets Foundation point out in their report that Nestlé whose methane emissions “from its dairy operations alone were estimated to be 8.74 million tonnes of C02” have no specific target or plan to cut emissions.

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